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Check it in Realtime

...everything about your employees attendance behavior


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Proof it in Realtime

...everything about your room cleaning records


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Record it in Realtime

...everything about defects or damages at your customers premises


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Control it in Realtime

...everything about your hygienic material or housekeeping supply consumption


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Monitor it in Realtime

...everything about the usage of your cleaning machines


ProServices SK, s.r.o. is an innovative Start-up company, founded in 2016 and specialized in developing real-time solutions.

ManagerOnline is our solution for monitoring and managing processes within your cleaning business. ManagerOnline gives you REAL TIME ACCESS to any data you need information or evidence for. Employee attendance, room cleaning, material consumption, defects and damages or machines monitoring. Check, Control, Record or Proof it. Manage online your workforce and their performance, interact with your customers or proof the completion of special tasks. Increase your efficiency, your customer retention and your revenue as well as you will reduce your operational costs dramatically. With ManagerOnline you will become a greener Company since there is no need anymore for paper filling and filing.

Features & Functions

    Employee Attendance & Cleaning

  • Workforce Planning
  • Single Employee Details and Activities
  • Room Cleaning Details
  • Hygienic Material & Housekeeping Supplies Consumption

  • Dispenser/Material Management
  • Stock Management
  • Defect & Damages

  • Defect & Damage Management
  • Tasks

  • Task Management (Completion, Frequencies)
  • Quality Management

  • Complaint Management
  • Event Scan Statistics (To improve performance of using the application)
  • Machines Monitoring

    Real time analysis of 12 machine parameters (e.g. battery voltage, speed, on/off…)

    Cleaning detergents consumption review (soon to come)

    Mobile App (soon to come)

Your Benefits

    Increase your Customer Retention by 35% and more by:

  • active participation of customers with dedicated access to ManagerOnline
  • Transparency
  • Additional Value with detailed proof of material consumption
  • Increased quality thru internal and external inspection capabilities
  • Increase your Efficiency by 60% and more by:

  • Eliminating human error by hand writing, reading or counting of Evidence Sheets and transferring them to Excel
  • Accurate data in real time whenever needed
  • Analyzing employees performance for training plans
  • Increase your Effectiveness and Revenue by:

  • 55% higher odds to win tenders with competitors not using ManagerOnline
  • Saving 3 days work-time in average per month/Object Manager usable for new customer acquisition
  • Accurate invoicing of material consumption
  • Save operational costs by:

  • Using Machines Monitoring for predictive Maintenance (e.g. Battery damages)
  • Using Customer & Objects to support calculations per total area of floor types and room groups
  • Using Attendance Planning to effectively plan your workforce per location and group
  • Using Material Consumption to effectively manage your stocks
  • Significantly reducing travel times to get on-premises information
    With ManagerOnline you are capturing labels they are assigned to specific locations or items via a special barcode scanner. By scanning the labels on the employee’s ID or by entering and leaving the rooms it will generate the data for work time tracking. If the employee does not appear, a notification will be triggered to the responsible person. Optionally, performance labels can also be affixed and scanned within the rooms to proof individual activities or material consumption. In advance generated barcode lists can be scanned and assigned to individual damage options or to special tasks lists. All information will be displayed in real-time in your browser-supported dashboard, which offers a wide range of control, alert and evaluation options. Thanks to the responsive design you can also use it on mobile or tablet.

Early adopter program

As member of our test program you will become a valuable part of our development. Since the software is developed with and for the cleaning business, your ideas, opinion or requests for features and functionality will make ManagerOnline even better.

As a member of our testprogram you are enabled to use all the modules at there current development stage for a defined trial period and enjoy several advantages on top.

Let `s talk about it.


ProServices SK, s.r.o.
Borovianska 9674
Zvolen 96001, Slovakia
Phone: +421 905 353 141
Mail: info@manageronline.eu


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